Save time tracking issues and analyzing
impact with column
level lineage

Troubleshoot issues faster and minimize data downtime with the power of root cause and impact analysis on upstream and downstream dependencies. End-to-end lineage allows you to understand your data's origin, evolution, and impact across your entire data pipeline.

Data lineage

Find root causes with wider visibility

Discovering a data issue is just the first step. To resolve it effectively, you need to understand its origin and impact. Rudol's Data Lineage discovers your data dependencies from source to destination and, with a comprehensive view, you can identify the upstream and downstream implications of any data issue and reduce data downtime.

Take control over the impact of change

Discover the potential impact of changes in your data with column-level Data Lineage visualizing the effect of changes on downstream dependencies. Whether you're considering altering a Data Contract or adding registries, Rudol helps answer critical questions: How will BI tools, tables, or ML Models be affected? Which teams should be alerted beforehand? Navigate your data landscape with foresight and confidence.

Why navigating your data blindfolded?

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