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Stop wasting time firefighting and start growing with reliable data. rudol is an end to end observability platform to enlighten your path to high quality data.

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> Discover your data

Remove maintainability and cross-team communication issues by having a single source of truth for your whole data ecosystem. Bring technical and business professionals together and enable end-to-end data transparency and traceability.



> Built on the tools you love

Connect to a continuously growing list of technologies to upload your catalog metadata. Use rudol in context along with the tools you use daily, stop alt/tabbing to the catalog website just to read the docs.



> Keep a close eye on your data flow

As data flows, data breaks. Know your data better by enabling transparent end to end pipeline observability to automatically detect issues such as data loss, structural changes, outliers and more.



> Fine-tune ownership and access control

As datasources grow more people get involved and interact with your organization's data artifacts putting your information at risk. With rudol you can define custom user roles and permissions to keep responsibilities and ownership separated.



> Protect your data assets with fine-grained access control

We know the value of data for your information so privacy and security are fundamental pillars at rudol. Connect your datasources using our Cloud services with encrypted credentials or install the On-Premise agents in your own infrastructure.

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> Be notified with high quality diagnostics information

Prevent and mitigate data problems by getting notified at the right time using the service of your choice: OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Slack, email and more… Access to detailed information about the detected issue so you can trace and fix it without pain.

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Configure Static Rules or let our AI learn from your day to day traffic


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About us

As Software Engineers and Data professionals we've suffered, enough. We've brought together all lessons learnt along the way into a comprehensive platform built with technical and business professionals in mind.

We are passionate about data and obsessed about quality as well as active members of the software community so let's start talking to find how rudol can help your company start growing and stop firefighting.

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