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In today's data-driven landscape, companies gather huge volumes of data, but they extract value from only a small fraction of it. Most professionals in data-driven companies use data every day to do their jobs but lack the tools to ensure their quality, so when errors happen they rely on data teams to fix them causing a bottleneck and loss of trust in data.

Rudol gives superpowers to everyone in the company, not just data teams, to participate in data quality. This way, professionals can have confidence in their data, maximize their job performance and reduce the pressure on data teams, allowing them to focus on extracting value from data.

Beyond just identifying data issues, creating a high-quality data culture requires professionals to have comprehensive access to information about their data. This includes understanding how it's collected, maintained, and accessed. Because of all of this, Rudol gives everyone the tools they need to understand their data promoting a proactive culture of data quality.

At Rudol we believe that everyone should have the necessary tools to excel at their jobs and do what they love, and we are committed to making that a reality.

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